This is neither new nor unknown.

Give a dog bad name and hang him

We have had a long spell of hot weather.

Please help me. I'm dying.

I expect him to help me.

He darkened the room.

She had her parents' love to herself.

Would you consider marrying me?

That's what everybody calls Kemal.

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He told a good joke.

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If you think this is wrong, you must speak out.

I don't remember my dreams.

She hit him with a hammer.


And you know what ? We're done !

Isabelle knows it can't happen.

I take a taxi to the train station once or twice a week.

The young should be kind to the old.

Don't force your actions or be insincere; kids can always tell.


When did you finish your studies?

We don't use them anymore.

Twitter is not good enough.


Hold on for your lives.


How many people know about us?

A person's beauty is their conduct in society.

All the players did their best.

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We should set a trap.

My boss wants us to take the plane.

Although I broke test tubes and played about with chemicals for fun, I did occasionally manage to obey the teacher's instructions as well; repeating experiments that others had long ago undertaken.

Ask Seth to bring Jock tomorrow.

Thanks, everything is fine there.

We're grateful for your help although it's just a a drop in the ocean of our needs.

I don't work your land.


The doctors did everything they could to save Sriram.

The audience stopped clapping.

Your feet will lead you to where your heart is.


My mother hummed to herself as she went about her cooking in the kitchen.

Don't you dare ask him that.

We're going to do that tomorrow.

With his death, the oldest family in this village died out.

You're realistic.

This dress suits your style.

The flood of 1342 was the biggest deluge in the history of central Europe.

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It's nice and warm in here.

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Where did they get that?

Would you please close the window?

His wife is Swedish.


Get into the car.

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Her faith in God is unshaken.

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She went on hoping nonetheless because there was no news from her husband.

All of a sudden, a dog began barking.

"SOC nine, Danny, SOC nine." "What?" "SOC. Nine." "I don't understand anything!" "SOC. Nine. State of charge nine."

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I'm with exactly who I want to be with.

Are we done with this job?

You seem very happy.

They might pass.

The tip of the spear was dipped in a deadly poison.

Roger Miller's "Dang Me" was a hit with country music fans and with popular music fans too. It sold millions of copies.

You find it in any dictionary.

What did Duncan tell you yesterday?

Thirst is the feeling of needing to drink something.

You don't love her, do you?

You know what this is, don't you?


He stood like that without moving, just like a statue.

She sued him.

He started shaking in fear.


Japan's attack had brought America into the war.

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That seems pretty cool.

It's a ten-minute ride from here to the train station.

Dan didn't even shave his beard.

Why didn't you tell her that?

How will you fix it?

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Why is love so difficult?


I learned a lot from the rangers.

She had a daughter by her first husband.

Cover the seeds with a little earth.


Is there anything that you want to tell me?

Drink your medicine at the prescribed intervals.

There must be only but a few rules; moreover, they have to be simple.

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Do we have to tell them?


I don't want to see this either.

Wishing you peace and happiness at Christmas.

Some people are good talkers and others good listeners.

Two is the only even prime number.

Can you tell me how much you paid for that?

Where's the other one?

He lived to be ninety.

I shall try to take the ball without him noticing.

I'm not going to tell her that.

Shean's mother is very conservative.

They got out of the bus and walked two kilometres in the hot sun.

He came to see you right after you left.

Belinda has never gone to Boston.

We don't have the results yet.

Such a case is not uncommon today.

I'm in the middle of something. Could you come back later?

My idea differs from his.


He was encouraged by his success.

No one got sick.

It matters little what you do.

Shit is happening.

Do you like figure skating?

The bill was eviscerated before being passed by the legislature.

What do you think is down there?

If Ric had a lot of money, he'd probably buy himself an expensive car.

This block of apartments is a building that takes both the environment and health into consideration. From now on we want to further expand this system and knowhow.

The blood stream is usually constant and continuous.

These diamonds aren't real.

That's a happy thought.

I think that he is right.


I like cold potato salad in the summertime.

His behavior alienated his friends.

Do you know where Darren is or don't you?


I'm allergic to carrots.

I make it a rule to get up early.

The Japanese language plays an important role in promoting peace in the world.

It is not difficult to speak English.

Gypsy said I should come home soon.


Life sucks.

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I already told you everything I know.

We'll talk about the details later.

That's basic economics.

He gave us a detailed account of his experiences in Africa.

I want to go somewhere in Europe.

I think you're capable of anything.

I can't stand listening to loud music.

Frankly speaking, he is untrustworthy.

Rupert has a pollen allergy.

I can play Chopin.

"This looks pretty interesting," Hiroshi says.

The radicals had failed by one vote.

American manufacturers have added more than 500,000 jobs since January 2012, the strongest period of job growth since 1989.

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Ricky saw Patty eating a sandwich under the tree.

I know a thing or two about that.

Lui usually goes to bed before midnight.

If the other person does mention his family, then it is perfectly OK to ask about the ages of the children, and if you have children, to compare educational and cultural differences in raising children.

Ji has Pam's address.

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What is your final destination?


Liber and Leon are planning on going to a movie together on Friday evening.

He must be the principal.

This problem demands immediate attention.

Get out!

I owe my success to the fact that I never had a clock in my workroom.

The education by the parents of their children is sometimes very difficult.

What a wonderful invention!

What kind of food do you not like to eat?

Well, don't you have anything to say?

We have important matters to discuss.

Our first date was kind of awkward. I was really nervous.

Sorry, but it all came about so suddenly that I haven't got a handle on the situation yet.

Rakhal's a very practical, down-to-earth person.

I made a note of the telephone number.

I am a farmer.

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I don't think Luis is involved.

There are some things I want to talk to you about.

I'd like to open a bank account.

Ernie snuggled in close, putting his arm around Marian.

Janos put his arms around Tanaka.

I acted to protect myself from a similar destiny.

When people came out of the factory in the evening, their faces looked white and ill.

He made a profit of ten thousand dollars on the sale.

Please fix that.

Don't ever let me catch you doing that again.

Be careful, eyes, what you see, cause it's the second glance that ties your hands as darkness pulls the strings.

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He was decreed to pay the fine.

I esteem it an honor to address this audience.

Would you have dinner with me this evening?